Monday, January 16, 2012

glitter nail tutorial

I know "love" gets over used on my blog, but I really do love this look on nails. 
You can play around with polish shades and different glitters. I saw this trend over at cupcakes and cashmere and had to try it out.
My cousin was a fantastic model for me to practice on, and we loved how it turned out.

Here is what you need...

- Start with your basic manicure.
- Next use a base coat and then apply 1st coat of your favorite polish to all your nails. 
- Here is the trick to getting the glitter to stick... 
After you apply the 2nd coat of polish to a nail, dab the q-tip in glitter, and tap the glitter onto the nail. Be sure to do ONE nail at at time. Reason for doing one nail at a time is so your polish doesn't dry before the glitter can stick.
 Start at the tip and gradually fade glitter to nail bed. You can add a small amount or go crazy and add tons. 

Since this was my first attempt I stayed on the safe side and did a minimal amount. However, next time I am going glitter crazy and adding more at the tip :)

- Once you have done above step to every nail you can apply your top coat. 

- final step is to let your glitterfied nails dry and enjoy!

fyi... The finished photo went through instagram, so the color looks different than what it does in person.

Base coat/top coat- essie 3 in 1 glaze

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