Sunday, January 15, 2012

bedroom styling

I recently moved in with a friend and have been trying to find some boudoir inspiration. We live in a two bedroom house so most of my "life" is fitting into my room. I want to keep the style clean and crisp with a vintage feel.

I will be sure to post photos later, but I am working with LARGE furniture i.e. king bed, massive dresser, and HUGE black standing mirror :) I do it big around here! oh yeah, and there is a cute white desk that I brought back to life from the 80s.

So far I have added a fresh coat of paint, ordered a cute crystal ball table lamp for my desk, a picture from made by girl  for my wall, and am now working on the rest. 

Here is my inspiration board.... 

any suggestions for me?

{images via pinterest}

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  1. Hi- glad i stumbled on your blog... it's very pretty! I think you are off to a great start with all your inspiration photos. I love the clean, fresh feel. You added a fresh coat of paint ... what color?? Looking forward to seeing more!