Wednesday, January 25, 2012

boudoir part 2

Yes I am at it again. One secret about me you all probably don't know is that I change my mind about every 5 seconds. One minute an idea seems amazing, and the next it's horrible and I have moved on to bigger and better ideas. Yes I am that obnoxious girl who can never make up her mind. 
So with that said decorating my room has become a serious pain in my bum.

I bought this duvet and pillows from Anthropolgie this summer, and I am basically designing my room around it. 
I posted about my room on a previous blog.
Here are some decor items I think would work well. 

What do you think?

However, I found a silver pouf I love so much more than the pink one. I will start posting pics of my project as I complete it.

Images via...

10. Apothica

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