Saturday, January 28, 2012

candle makeover

I got glitter fever this week and attacked an innocent candle, and a few other items that will be shown later ;) Oh yeah don't mind the empty frame. Still working on that. 

The after picture doesn't do it justice. It is soooooo pretty and fits perfectly with my decor. It was super easy and fun to make.

If you want to make one all you need is:

A candle 
Spray adhesive 
paper plate

I can't find a picture of the glitter I used anywhere. It was by Nicole and was extra fine white gold.
All you do is spray the candle with spray adhesive and dump that glitter all over. Don't be shy about it. Of course your doing this over the plate, so you are able to save the excess glitter. Once it's all covered lightly shake off the glitter and voila. A chic glitterfied candle. 
One side note: you will have sticky fingers, so careful what you touch :)

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