Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are you there, Chelsea?

I love Chelsea Handler! She is hilarious and I just can't help but be a fan.
If you don't know who she is let me introduce you to the queen of comedy and vodka...

Miss Chelsea Handler

She has her own shows...

1. Are you there, Chelsea? Wednesday on NBC @ 8/7C 
2. Chelsea Lately daily on E! 
3. After Lately Sundays on E! @11/10c

She is also an author of 4 books and I am the proud owner of all of them. However, I have only read 1. Like I have said before, I am HORRIBLE about reading.

You may be asking yourself why is she telling me about Chelsea? Well it's because her new show, Are You There, Chelsea?, has it's season premier tonight on NBC. I am so excited for this show and think it's going to be nothing less than amazing. 

Here's a sneak peek....


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