Friday, January 27, 2012

all about the hair

In case you didn't know I went to beauty school and have a cosmetology license. Even though I am currently not doing hair, and switched to being a full time student, I still am a product hoarder. Over the years I have tried it all, from the cheap product to the expensive stuff. It is sad at times to see full bottles of product in drawers collecting dust. However, from all the collecting I have finally found my saving graces. You know, those products that no matter what the day or style you can count on them to give you rockin' hair. 
So today I am sharing with you my go to's for a basic blowout and curl. Most days if I am in a rush I will just do a blow out for volume, but if I have a few extra minutes I will throw in some curls for fun. 
I have a few favorites other then these that I will save for another day.

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1 & 2 are shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair. Love them! 
3 is a leave in conditioning treatment that I spray in my hair after I comb it out. Works great for tangles as well as conditioning. 
4 is my FAVORITE styling product ever. It makes my hair feel thicker and gives it great volume. It can be oily if applied to the roots or bangs, so only rub it in the ends. 
5 is a must have everyday. Root lifter is your best friend, so embrace her ladies. 
6 I have every size of ceramic round brush known to man in my drawer. Every girl should own one.
7 is a basic hot tools curling iron. Once again I have just about every size. 
Last, but not least is hairspray. Love this stuff!

Just a key tip... When blow drying your hair always blow dry it in the opposite direction for added volume. I blow dry forwards, backwards, and do a mad comb over and dry. If you just dry it straight down you know what that means? Flat, lifeless hair. 

I hope this helped. 

Do you have any favorites that I should test out?

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